line of sight

line of sight
an imaginary straight line along which an observer looks
Syn: ↑line of vision
Hypernyms: ↑line

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1. or line of sighting : a linear projection toward a target of the straight line obtained when the sights of a firearm are in perfect alignment : the axis of the line of vision of a sight (as of an artillery piece) or other angle-measuring instrument
a. : a line from an observer's eye to a distant point (as on the celestial sphere) toward which he is looking or directing an observing instrument
b. : a line joining the earth or the sun and a distant astronomical body
4. : the straight path between a radio transmitting antenna and receiving antenna when unobstructed by the horizon

reports of receptions far beyond the line of sight beyond which the signals should not have gone — Science News Letter

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1. Also called line of sighting. an imaginary straight line running through the aligned sights of a firearm, surveying equipment, etc.
2. Astron. an imaginary line from an observer to a celestial body, coincident with the path traveled by light rays receivedfrom the body.
3. Radio. a straight line connecting two points sufficiently high and near one another so that the line is entirely above the surface of the earth.
4. Ophthalm. See line of vision.
5. sightline.

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line of sight noun
1. The straight line between the eye and the object on which it is focused, or between two objects along which they are visible from each other (also line of vision)
2. The straight line along which the eye looks, in any direction
3. The straight line between a transmitter and the receiving antenna (telecommunications)
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Main Entry:line

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line of sight,
1. the straight line from the eye to the object it is looking at, such as a target in shooting or bombing.
2. the straight line of the beam from a radar antenna.
line´-of-sight´, adjective.

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a straight line along which an observer has unobstructed vision

a building that obstructs our line of sight

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ˌline of ˈsight 7 [line of sight] (also ˌline of ˈvision, ˈsight-line) noun
an imaginary line that goes from sb's eye to sth that they are looking at

There was a column directly in my line of sight, so I could only see half the stage.

See also:sight-line

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